A Novel Idea, Chapter Two Book Signing 12/21/13


Saturday, December 21, 2013.

Picture a beautiful sunny day. The weather a balmy sixty degrees. Just a few clouds in the sky. It’s beautiful…and unusual for the Northeast in December. But I’ll take it!









Unlike the snow and ice storm during my last book signing, nature decided to be kind and send some warm weather to Vineland, NJ. A Novel Idea, Chapter Two hosted a signing event with myself, Ruth A. Cassie, Nicole S. Patrick, Emma Kaye, and Lita Harris (That’s right, same group of authors who tackled Jack Frost on December 8th) from 1-3pm.


Standing L -R: P.A. DePaul, Ruth A. Cassie, Lita Harris
Seated L-R: Emma Kaye, Nicole S. Patrick

An Amish Market! What a fun place to have a signing. I thoroughly enjoyed sampling the food and taking home bakery items to the family.We also had a four-legged friend share our space. Meet Buddy!

Nicole S. Patrick holding Buddy the dog with Emma Kaye

Such a well trained dog!












I want to thank everyone who came out to see us today. Appreciate the support as well as meeting new friends!



P.A. DePaul


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