Accepted Two Book Deals With Berkley Books, A Division of Penguin Group Publishing

Penguin Publishing IconExciting news! I just accepted a two book deal with Berkley Books, a division of Penguin Group Publishing, for my Romantic Suspense series.

SweetBriar Group has a new home!  🙂

I will be joining their Intermix line which means the first two books will be released digitally first. There is an option for later release to print, but that will be determined by Berkley Books.

I had an exciting chat with my new editor, Katherine Pelz, and I can already tell we’re going to make a great team.  Between my FABULOUS agent, Michelle Grajkowski, and Katherine, the storylines of these two books are going to go farther than I imagined.

I don’t have too many more details, but as soon as I know something more, I’ll be sure to update my “News” section.


P.A. DePaul

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