Alpha Male Diner: Casper Grady by P. A. DePaul (Exchange of Fire, SBG #1)

alphadinerpad-12.18.14 ismellsheepblogpost

Woo Boy, y’all!

I Smell Sheep blog allowed me to serve up a recipe I know you all will love!

A Casper Grady dish! Yep. You read that right. The hero of Exchange of Fire, that sexy ex-marine’s parts were broken down into ingredients and sautéed together to make a sizzling hot recipe.

You won’t want to miss this! So much fun and delicious!

Bring your appetites and click here:

Bon Appetit!

P.A. DePaul

Disclosure: I snagged the photo from I Smell Sheep’s blog post. 😉


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