Book Signing with Nora Roberts at Turn the Page

Washington Romance Writer’s Annual Retreat kicked off on Friday, April 4th and ended on Sunday, April 6th. There were so many wonderful moments, but I’d have to say that for me, the highlight was the pre-retreat booksigning.

2014-04-04 14.35.37-2
Nora Roberts and I after the booksigning ended


I’m still asking for someone to pinch me because I was chosen to join fourteen other authors to sign with Nora Roberts on Friday, April 4th to sign in her book store, Turn the Page. I mean, wow. Okay. So I guess I don’t want anyone to really pinch me because I like this current fantasy world. 🙂

This signing turned out a star-studded range of authors representing all types of romance genres: Robyn Carr,  Robin Perini,  Liliana Hart, Tara Janzen, Cathy Maxwell, Diana Cosby, Kimberly Kincaid, Kieren Kramer, Sally MacKenzie, Leigh Duncan, Meredith Bond, Mindy Klaskey, Mary Strand and Diane Gaston.

2014-04-07 02.24.38
All of us after the book signing was over. I’m in the middle, in-between Diana Cosby and Robin Perini!

I met a lot of wonderful readers on Friday and it’s an experience I’ll cherish for life.

2014-04-04 11.03.38-2
Me with my table mate Meredith Bond.

2014-04-04 10.40.02-22014-04-04 10.39.42-2


Stay tuned for next post where I’ll include pictures from the retreat. Would you like to see my interpretation of Steampunk and why I’m dressed up? It’s quite interesting, I assure you. 🙂


P.A. DePaul


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