Code of Conduct

  • Romantic Suspense

  • Release Date: January 16, 2024

    Can a computer wizard write a code that apprehends criminals and attracts the woman who captured his heart?

     Tech genius Ted Byrnes spends his days assisting a lethal black ops squad. Their missions are usually global, but Ted uncovers a national identity theft ring has infiltrated the small town he calls home. Instead of remaining behind the scenes, he takes the lead.

     Doreen McKenna is a struggling widow attempting to raise her ten-year-old genius-IQ son. For four years, she’s pushed aside her own needs to focus on her son. Working long days as the office manager in a doctor’s office, the highlights of her week revolve around grocery shopping and taking her son to the bookstore…until she’s approached by a man in the fiction section whose intellect and looks have her suppressed desires rising to the surface.

     Ted has narrowed the source of the identity theft’s ring and needs Doreen’s help. Working together, they devise a plan to expose the criminals, but what’s written on paper doesn’t always happen in real life. Their attraction escalates alongside the danger. Apprehending the ring may break all the codes of conduct . . .

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