Crossing the Line

  • Romantic Suspense

  • Release Date: April 23, 2024

    Best friends and partners through high-stakes missions . . . And the biggest risk they’ll take is falling in love.

    Eight months ago, black ops operative, Magician, infiltrated a sex-slave ring. Little did she realize the mission would not only change her life forever, but kick off a series of events no one saw coming.

     Romeo still can’t wipe the image of Magician’s battered body nearly dying in his arms. Since then, one-night stands have lost their appeal. Now, his best friend and partner stars in fantasies he has no business envisioning.

     When a pro-American Oil lobbyist and a Saudi Arabian Oil Sheikh—two natural enemies—join forces to destroy new legislation allowing America to gain independence from foreign oil, they utilize bombings to throw the country in chaos.

     Magician’s intuition knows there’s a connection between the two but she’s forbidden to investigate since she has no evidence. Romeo doesn’t think twice about defying orders and remains by Magician’s side. He was sidelined once and Magician paid a horrific price, he will not let anyone hurt her again. Their investigation takes them across the globe, jeopardizing not just their careers but their lives.

     But nothing is riskier than gambling their friendship to find love…

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