Stealing His Heart

  • Romantic Suspense,
  • Comedy Suspense

  • She’s a thief. He’s FBI. Together, they’re about to execute the heist of their life.

    Everyone thinks the big-shot CEO who kidnapped my uncle is an amazing humanitarian. He’s not. He’s holding Uncle Liam hostage to force me and my crew to steal a dangerous, specialized computer for him. I’m Holly Bell, and that’s what my uncle—the only family I have left—raised me to do. Steal things. We’re amazing at it. If you can’t get justice anywhere else for your property that’s landed in the wrong hands, that’s when you hire us to steal it back. But this time, I’m in over my head. That’s why I decide to do the impossible (or the insane): recruit the FBI agent who’s been chasing us for six months.

    Jackson Kendrick is the head of the specialized FBI unit dedicated to capturing me and my crew. He’s gotten so close so many times that I fear our days are numbered. But I manage to talk this committed man into catching a much bigger criminal: the crooked CEO holding my uncle. Not only would Jackson receive gold star accolades for this unprecedented arrest, he’d show his shortsighted boss that suspending Jackson for not hauling me in when he had the chance was a big mistake.

    If only Jackson hasn’t been living rent-free in my wildest fantasies. Working with him day in and day out has us discovering a sexy, unlikely obsession that can only lead to heartache since we’re on opposite sides of the law. Yet, as my new partner in crime, Jackson’s good at playing the bad guy. He fits in with the misfit crew of hackers, a mistress of disguise, and a guy who’s good at making things go BOOM! I need all the leverage I can get and he needs to stay on his toes. I’m a thief, after all. By the time we steal the computer, I just might also steal his heart.

    Do you like capers, heists, hilarious hijinks, and unlikely romance? Winner of the prestigious Sapphire Award from the Romance Writers of Australia, Stealing His Heart just might steal your heart, too! 

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