Surviving the Storm

  • Inspirational Romance

  • Release Date: January 25, 2022

    Pouring rain, a rising river…

    And two missing teens

    Chaperoning a youth group hike in the Poconos isn’t exactly Nathan Porter’s idea of fun, especially along with group leader Reena Wells, aka Ms. Sunshine. Nathan only agrees because his niece wants to go. But when Ashleigh and another teen vanish just as a storm hits, Reena steps up to search. Together, they’ll need a little sunshine and a lot of trust to get out alive…

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    “Despite non-stop danger and suffering, the wit of the two main characters in this story kept it from feeling overly dark. It was clear the hero cared deeply for his niece and while at first he blamed the heroine for their situation, his admiration for her grew as the story progressed. An excellent inspirational adventure story.” Beth Carpenter

    “The descriptive writing was fantastic, with author P.A DePaul bringing the chaos and confusion of the whole situation to life. We get a brilliant mixture of engaging and thought-provoking dialogue and well-written characters, along with action, danger and love in all forms. …you’re in for a truly entertaining and thrilling adventure.” Emerald Book Reviews

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