World of Guardians

Release Date: August 13, 2013

Please note: I’ve received the rights back for this book. At this time, it has not been re-released for sale.

Kaiden, a Security Guardian in Archangel Michael’s army has never really been accepted—he’s always on the outside looking in and he prefers it that way. Channeling his rage and injustice at life (and afterlife), he and his team ruthlessly track down demons on Earth and annihilate them from existence. When he learns that Zarok, a demon he sent back to Hell three hundred years ago has resurfaced, Kaiden vows to vanquish the demon for good. His mission becomes complicated when a beautiful human soldier witnesses a massacre by Zarok and gains the demon’s attention. Miranda “Randi” Elon, a wounded war veteran, returns home from Iraq only to watch a deranged killer slay her two physical therapists while she stands trapped in the shadows. No sooner has the murderer left when Kaiden shows up with his exotic good looks and bullying demands. She has to decide if she can trust Kaiden to protect her or listen to the voice in her head telling her he’s more than what he seems. Kaiden must figure out how to keep the existence of Guardians and demons a secret while also trying to contain his attraction for her because relationships between Guardians and humans are forbidden. But when Zarok targets Randi as his next victim, is his willingness to break every rule enough to save her in time? Click Here to continue reading an excerpt…


5 out of 5 stars! Night Owl Romance reviewed Guardian Redeemed and named it a “Night Owl Top Pick!” “This book keeps you on your toes all the way through. It was awesome, I couldn’t put it down.”

4 out of 5 Cups! Coffee Time Romance reviewed Guardian Redeemed. “DePaul sets a spectacular scene, and fills it full of love, lust, and a whole lot of wicked warriors.” “Randi is right on target when she meets Kaiden toe to toe, because nothing is sexier than seeing these two spar and watching Kaiden finally get as good as he gives.”

4 out of 5 Moons! Books Obsessed Chicks rates Guardian Redeemed. Guest reviewer Pat Sheppard says: “Therapy is good for the soul!!” and “It had a very good story line and the sexual component was entered into the book at the right moment.”

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