BookTrader Book Signing 12/8/13

On December 8th, 2013, BookTrader of Hamilton opened their doors to allow me and four other authors to read a selection, answer questions, and sign our books.

Left to Right: Lita Harris, Ruth A. Cassie, Emma Kaye, Nicole S. Patrick, P.A. DePaul, Jenn Sabol (Store Manager-kneeling-left), Tegan Cenni-kneeling-right)











Unfortunately, the weather decided to throw an ice/snow storm our way but we still had a lot of fun. BookTrader of Hamilton rolled the red carpet out for us and welcomed us with open arms. They had an informal set up where lounged on couches and chairs and got to hang out with the readers who braved the elements.


They were even kind enough to dedicate a part of their endcap for my books.IMG_20131208_160427_527

I truly appreciate all the readers who came out as well as Joan Silvestro, the owner of BookTrader of Hamilton, for a fun time.

IMG_20131208_145117_824 IMG_20131208_150157_351


P.A. DePaul



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