Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

I love learning new skills. I love how I can be more independent and not feel like I have to rely on others to do something  I really want to learn how to do myself. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know when it’s time for me to call in a professional. But…learning something as useful as designing promotional items is a skill that will save me lots of money in the end.

That’s what I just spent two weeks doing. Learning a new design program. I currently use Photoshop CS6 and I am completely self-taught. This is not an easy program to be fumbling with by yourself, let me tell you. Lots of YouTube videos and web searches have been performed. But I’ve been pretty proud of the results.

So, what’s this new design program? GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). It’s FREE! Yep!! It’s an open source program based on Photoshop. I will admit that at times I found it a bit frustrating because it’s not as advanced, but for a totally free design platform it rocks!

Check out what I made:

PA DePaul Workshop Giftcard

Cool right????

Just wanted to share my new experience!


P.A. DePaul



9780698180949-ExchangeofFi_CV-635x1024Wow. I can’t believe it, but one year ago today, EXCHANGE OF FIRE had its big release!

Launching the first book of a new romantic suspense series had been thrilling and nerve-wracking. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before.

I wanted everyone to love Wraith and Grady just as much I did. I also had so much faith in Delta Squad and loved all the individual characters who make up this awesome, kick-ass team. And to this day, I still love every member of Delta Squad.  Probably even more so now than ever before. The more I get to spend time with them, writing their stories, they become cherished friends.

But back to release day. I didn’t move from my chair in front of my computer all day. I participated in blog tours, guested on individual blog sites and major sites like USA Today Happy Ever After, blasted the news to every social media site I belonged to. I must have hit “Refresh” on Amazon/Barnes and Noble and GoodReads so many times, the sites were probably groaning.description-of-Grady

Later that evening, my husband coaxed me away to go out and celebrate. Which we did with great food, a celebratory drink, and telling the waitress all about it. 😀

newsfeed-image-quote-Female-SnipersSince that day, Cappy’s had his release in SHADOW OF DOUBT, I’ve written a novella for Tedd, and Romeo’s story. I can’t wait to continue the saga of Delta Squad and share it with everyone.

Thank you all so muchToo-Late-To-Walk-Away for your support! For those who have read EXCHANGE OF FIRE, THANK YOU! For those who plan to read it, THANK YOU!

…and anyone who feels inspired to leave a review on the major e-retailer sites and tell their friends about it…I wholeheartedly encourage that plan! And say THANK YOU!  😀

Need some links? Sure thing. Everything you need is found on EXCHANGE OF FIRE’s page. Just click here.

Giant squishy hugs to you all!

P.A. DePaul

Support the Troops and Become A Character

Support the Troops and Become A Character


Online Auction to Support the Troops!!
Want to become a character in my new Romantic Suspense series? How about even helping me come up with the description (yep, you can make that character look just like you if you want!)?
You can bid using the link below from June, 29th to July 3rd!! Seriously easy and all the money goes to the North Carolina USO!

But we can’t stop there! I’m not the only participant. Herding Cats & Burning Soup is hosting an auction with over 65 items to bid on! Check it out (after you bid on mine <wink>)!! 🙂

Link to my auction item:

Good Luck and thank you for the support!

P.A. DePaul 

SHADOW OF DOUBT-Exclusive Excerpt

SHADOW OF DOUBT-Exclusive Excerpt

Woot! Woot! Want to read an exclusive excerpt from SHADOW OF DOUBT? How about a first kiss between Cappy and Michelle? Click on the link below to head to Heroes and Heartbreaker’s website!!

I’d love to know what you think!! 😀


ShadowofDoubt - Copy

Want to learn more? Need the buy links? Click on this link to be taken to SHADOW OF DOUBT’s page.


~P.A. DePaul






EXCHANGE OF FIRE Excerpt and Tour

EXCHANGE OF FIRE Excerpt and Tour

Exchange of Fire is on a blog tour all this week! With Shadow of Doubt releasing on April 21st, now may be a good time to pick up SBG #1 (you don’t have to read the first book to enjoy the second but you might like getting to know the members of Delta Squad)!








You can read an excerpt from EXCHANGE OF FIRE on Once Upon An Alpha’s website: http://onceuponanalpha.com/2015/03/09/blog-tour-exchange-of-fire-a-sbg-novel-1-by-p-a-depaul/

Beautiful stylish woman, fashion portrait







To pick up your own copies, click here for links: http://padepaul.com/sweetbriar/sbg-series/

I hope you enjoy!!

~P.A. DePaul



Delta Squad Origins–The Final Test Short Story!

Delta Squad Origins–The Final Test Short Story!
HCBS authors final 12.20.14

You all asked for more Delta Squad…I listened!

It’s here! A Delta Squad Origins–The Final Test short story! An all new original short story featuring Delta Squad is on Herding Cats & Burning Soup blog today!

Hopefully this will tide you over until April for Shadow of Doubt!

If you haven‘t read Exchange of Fire yet, no worries, this story goes back to the beginning years.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts!

(PS. There’s a giveaway involved for the whole Authors for the Holiday event!)
Happy Holidays!
P.A. DePaul

Alpha Male Diner: Casper Grady by P. A. DePaul (Exchange of Fire, SBG #1)

Alpha Male Diner: Casper Grady by P. A. DePaul (Exchange of Fire, SBG #1)

alphadinerpad-12.18.14 ismellsheepblogpost

Woo Boy, y’all!

I Smell Sheep blog allowed me to serve up a recipe I know you all will love!

A Casper Grady dish! Yep. You read that right. The hero of Exchange of Fire, that sexy ex-marine’s parts were broken down into ingredients and sautéed together to make a sizzling hot recipe.

You won’t want to miss this! So much fun and delicious!

Bring your appetites and click here:


Bon Appetit!

P.A. DePaul

Disclosure: I snagged the photo from I Smell Sheep’s blog post. 😉


Sexy Snippet from SHADOW OF DOUBT

Sexy Snippet from SHADOW OF DOUBT

Hey All!

As I’m working on the edits for book 2, Shadow of Doubt, I’m feeling the need to post a little sexy snippet. It’s just a little taste, but wow, I can’t wait for you to read this whole scene . 😀


[Cappy] froze and she tightened her hand. Was he going to pull away?
“You want this too, Cappy,” she whispered, a breath away from his mouth. “Just as badly as I do. No more excuses. One kiss. If it sucks we’ll never speak of it or repeat it again.” Her fingers caressed the stubbly hair at the base of his neck. “But if it doesn’t…”
He groaned. “The Fates hate me right now.” His eyes burned with fire. “It’s going to be a mind-blowing, life-altering event. I just know it.” He dropped her hand and grasped both sides of her head, closing the distance.
The second his lips met hers she knew he was right.

OMG! Squeals.

I can’t wait for you to read Cappy and Michelle’s story!! It comes out April 21, 2015. Want to read more about the storyline or need the link to the board I’ve created on Pinterest? Click here. 🙂

Until next time!

P.A. DePaul

I’ve Joined Pinterest

I’ve Joined Pinterest

Pinterest-icon I realize Pinterest may seem to be old news to some of you but to me it’s like a shiny new toy!

Now I have another avenue to post the pictures and/or videos I have stuffed in my virtual folders as I’m writing a book.


I know I can’t post every photo/video in my folders (in some instances the board would be a mile long) so I’ll have to learn restraint but I will endeavor to show you what I’m describing in the books.

To get started, I’ve created a “board” for Exchange of Fire, SBG #1 and started a “board” for Shadow of Doubt, SBG #2.

Want to connect with me in general? Awesome! My Pinterest profile is found here: http://www.pinterest.com/padepaul/



P.A. DePaul



Release Day for EXCHANGE OF FIRE!

Release Day for EXCHANGE OF FIRE!

WOOT! WOOT! It’s August 19th! That means Wraith (Sandra) and Grady’s book is finally available to read!!

The reviewers are loving it too!

5 Stars from Cocktails and Books
5 Stars and TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews

5 Stars from Adventures of a Book Reviewer
4 Stars from Herding Cats & Burning Soup
5 Stars from ScarlettReader
5 Stars from SGalley
…and many more reviews on GoodReads!

Short Summary: Wraith is a sniper for a covert agency. Grady is a former Marine with a troubled past and a debt to pay. When they’re forced to choose between each other and the people they’ve sworn to protect, their growing love might not be enough to keep them together–or alive…

Click on the link to my Books page for links to all the major E-Retailers: http://padepaul.com/sweetbriar/sweetbriar-books/

Also, if you’re curious as to how I envision what all the characters of Delta Squad look like, click on the link to be taken to Meet Delta Squad: http://padepaul.com/sweetbriar/meet-delta-squad/

And finally, if you’re in the mood to listen to a mini soundtrack for the series and the books, I’ve developed a Music page. On the main page you’ll hear songs that capture the series, at the top of the page are links to EXCHANGE OF FIRE and SHADOW OF DOUBT music pages. Those will give you songs related directly to those books. 😀

Thank you for sharing my release day with me!

P.A. DePaul