9780698180949-ExchangeofFi_CV-635x1024Wow. I can’t believe it, but one year ago today, EXCHANGE OF FIRE had its big release!

Launching the first book of a new romantic suspense series had been thrilling and nerve-wracking. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before.

I wanted everyone to love Wraith and Grady just as much I did. I also had so much faith in Delta Squad and loved all the individual characters who make up this awesome, kick-ass team. And to this day, I still love every member of Delta Squad.  Probably even more so now than ever before. The more I get to spend time with them, writing their stories, they become cherished friends.

But back to release day. I didn’t move from my chair in front of my computer all day. I participated in blog tours, guested on individual blog sites and major sites like USA Today Happy Ever After, blasted the news to every social media site I belonged to. I must have hit “Refresh” on Amazon/Barnes and Noble and GoodReads so many times, the sites were probably groaning.description-of-Grady

Later that evening, my husband coaxed me away to go out and celebrate. Which we did with great food, a celebratory drink, and telling the waitress all about it. 😀

newsfeed-image-quote-Female-SnipersSince that day, Cappy’s had his release in SHADOW OF DOUBT, I’ve written a novella for Tedd, and Romeo’s story. I can’t wait to continue the saga of Delta Squad and share it with everyone.

Thank you all so muchToo-Late-To-Walk-Away for your support! For those who have read EXCHANGE OF FIRE, THANK YOU! For those who plan to read it, THANK YOU!

…and anyone who feels inspired to leave a review on the major e-retailer sites and tell their friends about it…I wholeheartedly encourage that plan! And say THANK YOU!  😀

Need some links? Sure thing. Everything you need is found on EXCHANGE OF FIRE’s page. Just click here.

Giant squishy hugs to you all!

P.A. DePaul

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