Shadow of Doubt

Music-Shadow of Doubt

Book Two of the SBG series

Cappy (Captain Jeremy Malone) and Michelle Holman/Alger do not have an easy journey ahead of them.  The songs surrounding their journey reflect that too. My list kept growing as I heard different songs so I tried to stick with the top ones.
Parental Advisory: Explicit Content. Songs below could contain language, violence and adult situations.


1. Tracy Chapman – “The Promise”

This is an absolutely beautiful love song that couldn’t be more perfect for Cappy and Michelle. I chose this lyrics version video because the photos accompanying the lyrics are heartwarming and heartwrenching. (Note: The photo at the very last end of the song is disconcerting and I wish the person who made this video hadn’t added it. It’s not gory or explicit or anything like that but the person’s “stamp” or whatever you call it doesn’t go with the essence of this song)

2. Trapt – “Bring It”

Interesting thing about this kick-ass song is that both sides can claim it. Cappy and Delta Squad can say it’s their anthem just as Griffin and Victor (our villains) could throw it back at Delta and the Senator. A little note: Book 2 doesn’t revolve around a fight ring like this video but it’s still fun to watch and the lyric’s are spot on for this story.

3. Rascal Flatts – “Rewind”

I thought this was perfect since Cappy and Michelle got a second chance to fall in love again. Took them too many years, but they finally got the opportunity have a better first meeting (though it’s still not ideal.)

4. Art of Dying – “Die Trying”

Yup. This song captures Delta Squad’s commitment to getting the job done. It’s also Cappy’s personal anthem, especially concerning Michelle and her safety.

Evans Blue – “Cold (But I’m Still Here)”

I added this song because it’s hard-hitting and inspiring in it’s commitment to kick-ass. I can’t say the lyrics really fit this story but as I wrote book 2, it was in the music rotation (I especially liked it when I was running.).

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