Happy Thanksgiving (USA Celebrators)



For those in the USA, I wish you a very heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving!! (For those outside of the USA, I wish you a happy Thursday! ūüėÄ )

I’m humbled to¬†say I have so many blessings I’m thankful for¬†I couldn’t possibly list them all in this post. I’ll stick with the top¬†ten–I’m¬†almost positive I’m going to want to change this list about a billion times because so many things should make this list:

1. My health and well-being

2. My husband–he is my best friend and my rock

3.¬†My fans/followers–you all are the best and I’m grateful everyday you’re on this publishing journey with me

4. My agent Michelle Grajkowski–she’s amazing and I owe a lot to her fabulousness

5. My publishers–Penguin (SBG Series)¬†and Soul Mate Publishing (Guardian Redeemed)

6. My family–both mine and my husbands

7. My friends–you guys rock. You seriously do.

8. My home and the food in my cabinets

9. My just-left-of-center way of looking at the world–it’s with this ability I’m able to write

10. God–He shouldn’t be listed last and in my heart He’s not.

11. Okay, I know I said top 10 but I couldn’t leave off all the contacts I’ve made who’ve helped me realize my publishing dream. This includes the experts who helped with the story, the bloggers who helped get the word out, and the reviewers who took a chance on a new author and spent their time reading my books.

As I look at this list, I want to keep writing¬† “1” down in the row and not have the other 2-11 numbers.

I hope everyone out there has been as blessed as I have been and I wish nothing but amazing things to come in the next year.


P.A. DePaul



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