Lady Jane’s Salon Philadelphia Fun!

IMG_20150605_080953On Thursday, June 4th, 2015, Lady Jane’s Salon Philadelphia kicked off it’s first night at Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr, PA.

This Salon is different from the others I’ve participated in, in the fact that it has theme nights. On their inaugural night they chose Romantic Suspense. SCORE! What a fabulous opening night genre. 😉

I was honored they invited me to be a part of the historic event. The original line up of authors included me, Veronica Forand, and Laura Kaye. At the last moment, Laura Kaye had to bow out due to surgery. (I wish her a speedy recovery!) But never fear, our LJS Philly coordinators talked the awesome Sara Humphreys to fill in. (Note: this fabulous author drove down from New York with only a two day notice! She rocks!)

20150604_192151Sara couldn’t stay the whole evening due to the long drive (2.5 hours) and a wedding to go to that weekend, so she read first. (Side note: Sara writes Paranormal and Contemporary romances.) She read a few short scenes from her contemporary romance, Brave the Heat (It has arson in it so it totally counted toward Romantic Suspense night!). Afterward we had a funny, engaging Q&A (I did not know she started out in acting and had been on quite a few soap operas).


20150604_195040 Next up…Me! It was not easy following Sara Humphreys, let me tell you. Quite intimidating, but I chose a selection from SHADOW OF DOUBT that got the attendees attention. My scene had action and romance between Cappy and Michelle, as they worked together to sneak her aboard an airplane. I had a lot of fun and the Q&A’s were awesome. Thank you to everyone who lobbed a question! I gave away an SBG T-shirt, asking the crowd who was in the military (in keeping with Cappy’s Green Berets service). Beth won! Congrats and thank you for your service! 20150604_202623

Third (and last) reader of the evening was Veronica Forand. She read from Untrue Colors, a story about an art thief. We had action, thrills, and a little romance thrown in for her selection.



We didn’t catch some folks before they left but managed to wrangle some of the crowd together for a cool, inaugural group shot.

Also, a shot of Veronica, mine, and Sara’s books on the table before the event started.20150604_181318


I had a lot of fun and am honored to be a part of the event!

Thanks for listening to my recap!


P.A. DePaul

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