WBRE Morning TV Segment

WBRE Morning TV Segment

On April 30th, I joined 9 other authors in a TV segment featuring the launching of Lady Jane’s Salon Wilkes-Barre/Scranton branch for a local TV station. I think I need to say that again, I got to be on TV! Woot! Woot!  <Ahem> Adolescent moment over…for now.

Oh heck. I know you’re anxious to see my small moment with my DROOL-WORTHY Exchange of Fire cover. I’m seated at the right end of the table. You’ll see me right away when they pan down the line, but keep watching because my interview is at the end (around 1:45 mark).



Ok. Ok. I know. DORK, right? Well, I’ll be honest, I thought Jasmine was headed for the author next to me. Soooo, I had to think on my feet (obviously not my forte) but fun, right?? And honestly, the cover speaks way better than I do.


2014-04-30 04.42.14


To set the scene, it was a dark, cold, rainy morning, and when I say morning, I mean, I had to report to Bartolai Winery at 4:30A.M. The local morning news show airs from 5am-7am and we were being filmed as part of their show. They were supposed air 3 live segments but the lack of cell phone service had the news crew scrambling to tape the three spots in a hurry so the camaraman could drive the van until he found cell service to upload the film. NUTS!

After our fearless news reporter, Jasmine Brooks, led us through a whirlwind of taping (BTW, my glamorous spot in the limelight occurred during the 2nd taping and we were told anyone chosen had about 15 seconds to talk. Let me repeat. 15 seconds. That’s quick!), she then relaxed a little and interviewed some of the authors who had not had a chance to speak in the other 2 segments. By mid-day, WBRE edited all the footage together and came up with a 2:13 segment. I’ve included this below. While I’m not speaking in this version, you’ll see me pop up every now and then when the pan all the authors.

2014-04-30 05.09.20


The other participating authors include: Veronica Forand, Susan Scott Shelley, Amy Riccetti Gale, Diane Alberts, Jen McLaughlin, Ruby Bassett, Roz Lee, Tina Gallagher, Magdalen Braden, and Tori MacAllister.

2014-04-30 06.24.08


Below is an example of us helping her with the teasers  Jasmine recorded to be aired before and after commercial breaks.

2014-04-30 06.18.44


All in all, this was an exciting fun time, I’m glad I got to be a part of. As promised, below is the edited clip of all the filming they compiled:


Hope you enjoyed!

P.A. DePaul

USA Today Happy Ever After Cover Reveal Scheduled

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, USA Today Happy Ever After will unveil the cover for the first book in my new Romantic Suspense series, Exchange of Fire, An SBG Novel.

*Jumping up and down, clapping hands*

Outside of seeing the fabulous creation from the Penguin InterMix art department (Think seriously yummy with a side of drool), I also talk about how I came up with the concept.

As soon as I have the link, I’ll post it here as well as on my author Facebook page.

Let the countdown begin!


P.A. DePaul

WRW’s In the Company of Writer’s Annual Retreat

WRW’s In the Company of Writer’s Annual Retreat

Washington Romance Writer’s Annual Retreat kicked off on Friday, April 4th and ended on Sunday, April 6th. We descended on Westminster and took over the Best Western hotel.

It was wonderful to reconnect with authors I hadn’t seen since last April and to meet new authors who I look forward to seeing again.

But, I’m pretty sure you tuned back in because in my last post I promised to show you my interpretation of Steampunk. Well, without further ado, I give you:

2014-04-05 17.31.53-2

Horrendous, right? LOL! As it should be! One of the biggest events in the conference (besides the pre-retreat signing…and I’m still enjoying my stay in the fantasy world) is Romance Jeopardy. In the past, only the committee members got to dress up but in the last two years they’ve allowed us to participate. This year’s theme was Steampunk. After my parading around in my full Scottish garb last year, I knew I needed to give the corset a rest. Viola! Instant “Punk” with “Steam” coming out of her mug.

2014-04-05 20.46.54
St. Martin Press’ SVP Jennifer Enderlin helped emcee Romance Jeopardy

Even some of our esteemed guests of honor joined in on the fun.

The Jeopardy committee did a wonderful job organizing the event and raucous laughter could be heard from the other side of the building!

2014-04-05 20.41.25-2






2014-04-05 20.42.38-2








Me with Lori Dillon (who seemed to have a better handle on the theme than me.) 🙂













A huge round of applause should also go to the retreat committee for organizing such an awesome, relaxing event. I can’t wait for next year!



P.A. DePaul




Book Signing with Nora Roberts at Turn the Page

Book Signing with Nora Roberts at Turn the Page

Washington Romance Writer’s Annual Retreat kicked off on Friday, April 4th and ended on Sunday, April 6th. There were so many wonderful moments, but I’d have to say that for me, the highlight was the pre-retreat booksigning.

2014-04-04 14.35.37-2
Nora Roberts and I after the booksigning ended


I’m still asking for someone to pinch me because I was chosen to join fourteen other authors to sign with Nora Roberts on Friday, April 4th to sign in her book store, Turn the Page. I mean, wow. Okay. So I guess I don’t want anyone to really pinch me because I like this current fantasy world. 🙂

This signing turned out a star-studded range of authors representing all types of romance genres: Robyn Carr,  Robin Perini,  Liliana Hart, Tara Janzen, Cathy Maxwell, Diana Cosby, Kimberly Kincaid, Kieren Kramer, Sally MacKenzie, Leigh Duncan, Meredith Bond, Mindy Klaskey, Mary Strand and Diane Gaston.

2014-04-07 02.24.38
All of us after the book signing was over. I’m in the middle, in-between Diana Cosby and Robin Perini!

I met a lot of wonderful readers on Friday and it’s an experience I’ll cherish for life.

2014-04-04 11.03.38-2
Me with my table mate Meredith Bond.

2014-04-04 10.40.02-22014-04-04 10.39.42-2


Stay tuned for next post where I’ll include pictures from the retreat. Would you like to see my interpretation of Steampunk and why I’m dressed up? It’s quite interesting, I assure you. 🙂


P.A. DePaul


Exchange of Fire, An SBG Novel–Coming Soon From Berkley Intermix

Final 7x4 copy

I now have a title for book one, a title for the series and a release date!

So, without further ado, I give you

Exchange of Fire, An SBG Novel

Release Date: August 19, 2014


One Shot Started It.

Wraith is a sniper for a covert mercenary-style agency…well, until her bullet misses the target and kills one of the victims. In order to escape the CEO of SBG, she fakes her death and disappears. Migrating from state to state with a cache of aliases has been so easy until she meets sexy former Marine, Casper Grady. She knows she has to move on but her heart refuses to let her leave. Her new life as Sandra Walsh unravels when the CEO discovers she’s still alive and won’t rest until she’s dead for real.

Now, Only One Shot Can End It.

Casper Grady only had a few goals to accomplish when he left the Marines.  Build a safe haven for the children in his hometown to play; check. Establish a place he can call home; check. Settle down with someone he can spend the rest of his life with; he has her in his sights. But when assassins target him in order to get to Sandra, he learns very quickly that nothing regarding her is what it seems.

As the danger increases, so does their intense attraction. But when they’re forced to choose between each other and the people they’ve sworn to protect, their growing love might not be enough to keep them together—or alive…


Stay tuned for the big cover reveal. 😀


P.A. DePaul


Spotlight On: P.A. DePaul–My Interview with Armand Rosamilia


As many of you know from my previous post, I joined the cause Authors Supporting Our Troops. This is such a worthy venture taken on by Armand Rosamilia where he asked if authors would send him signed copies of their books and he’d ship them to the troops overseas…at his own cost! To help offset some of the shipping expense, he also came up with a t-shirt campaign that helps him raise money.

The man is brilliant!

Did Armand stop there?

You guessed it! He did not.

He reached back out to the authors who donated books, asking if he could thank us by posting an interview! Wow. This man is generous.

Today, he posted my interview and I’d like to share it with you. Click on this link to read more. http://armandrosamilia.com/2014/03/09/spotlight-on-p-a-depaul-asot2014/

Thank you Armand!

You are covered in Awesome-Sauce!

P.A. DePaul