WBRE Morning TV Segment

On April 30th, I joined 9 other authors in a TV segment featuring the launching of Lady Jane’s Salon Wilkes-Barre/Scranton branch for a local TV station. I think I need to say that again, I got to be on TV! Woot! Woot!  <Ahem> Adolescent moment over…for now.

Oh heck. I know you’re anxious to see my small moment with my DROOL-WORTHY Exchange of Fire cover. I’m seated at the right end of the table. You’ll see me right away when they pan down the line, but keep watching because my interview is at the end (around 1:45 mark).



Ok. Ok. I know. DORK, right? Well, I’ll be honest, I thought Jasmine was headed for the author next to me. Soooo, I had to think on my feet (obviously not my forte) but fun, right?? And honestly, the cover speaks way better than I do.


2014-04-30 04.42.14


To set the scene, it was a dark, cold, rainy morning, and when I say morning, I mean, I had to report to Bartolai Winery at 4:30A.M. The local morning news show airs from 5am-7am and we were being filmed as part of their show. They were supposed air 3 live segments but the lack of cell phone service had the news crew scrambling to tape the three spots in a hurry so the camaraman could drive the van until he found cell service to upload the film. NUTS!

After our fearless news reporter, Jasmine Brooks, led us through a whirlwind of taping (BTW, my glamorous spot in the limelight occurred during the 2nd taping and we were told anyone chosen had about 15 seconds to talk. Let me repeat. 15 seconds. That’s quick!), she then relaxed a little and interviewed some of the authors who had not had a chance to speak in the other 2 segments. By mid-day, WBRE edited all the footage together and came up with a 2:13 segment. I’ve included this below. While I’m not speaking in this version, you’ll see me pop up every now and then when the pan all the authors.

2014-04-30 05.09.20


The other participating authors include: Veronica Forand, Susan Scott Shelley, Amy Riccetti Gale, Diane Alberts, Jen McLaughlin, Ruby Bassett, Roz Lee, Tina Gallagher, Magdalen Braden, and Tori MacAllister.

2014-04-30 06.24.08


Below is an example of us helping her with the teasers  Jasmine recorded to be aired before and after commercial breaks.

2014-04-30 06.18.44


All in all, this was an exciting fun time, I’m glad I got to be a part of. As promised, below is the edited clip of all the filming they compiled:


Hope you enjoyed!

P.A. DePaul

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